Motion Branding

This motion identity project is designed for a fictional K-pop music streaming service. Inspired by the fresh, new, and fun flavor of mint, this motion identity transforms the shape of mint leaf into a modular rounded-corner square. Building on this single motion unit, a flexible and dynamic system throughout all the visual elements is created. This sizzle reel shows the branded elements in action with music video footage.
MINT blurs the boundary of branding and motion design, and optimizes the design process. Compared with animating existing design from graphic designers, MINT considers motion design at the first stage, eliminates the gap from the traditional design process, and achieves the result that branding builds on motion.

Swash Bag / Yvng Svs

Good Evening / SHINEE
Dumb Dumb / RED VELVET
Blooming Day / EXO - CBX
Make Me Love You / TAEYEON
4 Walls / F(X)